Species : SATIVA
Brand : San Rafael ’71
THC : 75.86 %
CBD : 0.5 %
Terpene :

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Check out our latest remix of quality and convenience — introducing Delahaze Live Resin as righteous 510 vapes! Enjoy the mighty strong effects of live resin with none of the trouble of setting up a dabrig. Just conveniently screw the Delahaze Live Resin 510 cart on your compatible vape and you’re clear for take-off. No launch pad required. Jam out to music. Watch a lineup of your favourite movies. And if its yummy terps you want, its yummy terps you’ll get. Our fresh frozen extraction method preserves all of Delahaze’s signature tropical mango aroma and taste from its terpinolene, myrcene and pinene terpenes. As with all of our vapes, Delahaze Live Resin 510 Cartridge comes in 0.5 ml capacity and does not contain any added fillers, additives or external dilutive agents. To get the best experience out of your live resin vape, set your vape battery to low/medium to preserve all the great terpenes. Take it to the max with Delahaze Live Resin 510 Cartridges today!

Weight 2.00 g