What is CBG?

What is CBG?

Ok, by now everyone and their dog has heard of THC and CBD, but what the heck is CBG?! Cannabigerol is known as “The Mother of all Cannabinoids,” and like most mothers, it holds the ability to care for us. Through its anti-anxiety/anti-bacterial/anti-cancer/anti-bad-things-in-general properties, CBG may be the most exciting discovery in cannabis since CDB. They do share many of the same properties, but they also seem to behave differently. One of, if not the biggest differences between these two compounds is their potency inside of the plant. While CBD has the potential of being over 20% and THC can be as high as roughly 30% (daaaaang,) CBG would only make up maybe 2%. This is because much of that CBG goodness has turned into other wonderful things! 

As the cannabis plant matures, CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) will convert into other cannabinoids such as THCA and CBDA. Because of this e treatment for IBD, glaucoma, colon cancer and Huntington’s disease. Also, it is believed that CBG strengthens the function of anandamide, which is a neurotransmitter that helps with pleasure, motivation, pain, appetite and sleep. Although appearing in much lower percentages than other major cannabinoids, through the science of cross pollination there have been some CBG dominant strains made available such as Panakeia, Superglue CBG and Stem Cell. As research develops, we are constantly discovering new ways in which cannabis can improve our quality of lives and I encourage you to do your research and see if CBG is right for you!

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